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JJChris Florida August 3, 2012
Jam – that’s great in theory, but it’s kind of impractical for a parent hosting a large party to engage in that kind of prolonged exchange. Imagine if they had to do that for every guest with any sort of unique requirement! (I’ve seen this happen where people made themselves insomniac (over a birthday party the child won’t remember in a year!) with stress trying to meet 4 different dietary requirements, keep feuding parties apart, handle complicated family situations, and on and on. While it may seem ‘simple’ for a host to make that arrangement in order to include your child, when you see things from the host’s overworked, overstressed viewpoint in fact it’s sometimes asking an awful lot to even remember which guest is special-needs, much less carve out time to sit down and design a personal action plan for them.

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