How To Select Birthday Cake And What To Be Careful About

Choosing the perfect birthday cake is always a struggle, especially if you are planning on hosting a big party and want all your guests to be impressed. And baking companies don’t make our job any easier since there are virtually countless options for a decent birthday cake out there.

But how do you stand out from the crowd and how do you make sure the cake you are buying not only looks incredible but also tastes deliciously? Here is what you should know:

Match the birthday party theme

The easiest way to play it safe yet fabulous is to always have your cake matching the theme party you are throwing. For instance, if your birthday party has a space theme you can always choose a birthday cake shaped as a rocket or a planet.

If you choose a certain fashion decade to be your theme you can keep it simple for your cake but add matching accessories like feathers, glitter, or even a fancy tuxedo.

Keep it professional

If you are not entirely sure on your baking skills, you should leave the cake to a professional. Apart from relieving you from stress you can always bet on the final result and not stress days before. Appeal to professional bakeries or persons who are specialized in delivering qualitative, tasty and exquisite birthday cakes.

Also, when hiring the perfect bakery make sure to check their portfolio first and see real pictures of previous cakes. You can not only find inspiration for your own themed b-day cake but also make sure the ingredients are the perfect ones.

Coordinate colors? Only if it is your thing

Again, if you want to play it safe you can always pick a birthday cake that will match your outfit.  But if you do not want your cake to resemble your dress too much, you can always choose a monochrome design and add some of the cake’s icing or decoration in the color of your outfit.

How To Select Birthday Cake And What To Be Careful About
pictures of birthday cakes for kids rainbow

Temper down flavors

Make sure the cake you are serving is matching the other entrees or dishes you previously served, as well as the alcoholic drinks. You never want your cake to be too sweet because it doesn’t go well with any type of alcohol, including champagne.

Thus, before deciding on a good cake, taste a few options and decide on the most balanced one. A cake full of chocolate might be tempting but adding berries or even pepper will temper down the sweetness and actually make it more edible.


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